• Thursday, December 12, 2019

We have begun blocking AS9009, M247, for knowingly hosting and approving of the hosting of an excessive amount of abusive services. It is clear from shared experiences posted by others on the internet that their stories are similar to ours. The M247 network is responsible for an amount of abusive traffic that far exceeds that of any other network.

Unfortunately we didn’t get numbers, as their IP space is too broad to run against our logs to really put all of the pieces together. What we know is that much of the worst abuse came from there repeatedly, and all servers and services are more accessible and lighter on load after having blocked their network.

We significantly reduced spam, brute force, and effectively DOS attacks against services. All servers are performing much better as a result of this network block.

Blocking the M247 network is one that we’ve knowingly chosen to press on with, and we hope that others will join us to hold them and the services that use them accountable, ultimately holding M247 accountable for the traffic in their network.