MailChannels Now Included!

We are excited to announce that MailChannels Outbound Email Filtering is now included with all Cloud and Reseller Hosting plans!Outbound emails for all existing and future domains will now be routed through MailChannels where various checks are performed to ensure that only legitimate emails are delivered.There is no more worrying about if your ...

Blocking of AS9009, the M247 network

We have begun blocking AS9009, M247, for knowingly hosting and approving of the hosting of an excessive amount of abusive services. It is clear from shared experiences posted by others on the internet that their stories are similar to ours. The M247 network is responsible for an amount of abusive traffic that far exceeds that of any other ...

Reseller hosting has arrived and powered by cPanel™

Reseller Hositng is finally for sale! After countless requests we have released Reseller Hosting!

To find out more information visit the Reseller Hosting page at:

Please let us know if you have any questions!